About Us

The Cockentrice is Chef Kevin Ouzts’ celebration of charcuterie and long-awaited execution of meat cookery — melding traditional and modern cooking techniques plucked from the rich heritage of the Southern United States and beyond.

Cooking with meat as with any food, flavor is one thing, balance is everything.

–Chef Kevin Ouzts

Our Mission

Ouzts’ mission, carefully nurtured at The Spotted Trotter—his charcuterie that opened in 2010—is rooted in the importance of celebrating good food made the right away and his voracious desire to continue stoking the fires of our country’s farm- and local-focused food renaissance. In short it is “to respect and revitalize food, butchery and meat heritage for the purpose of inspiring current culinary traditions and feeding our community’s body and mind.”

New American Charcuterie

With this first restaurant, Chef Ouzts is in the kitchen to share his passion for details with Atlanta’s dining scene. Together with his culinary team as well as on-site butchers purveying the finest pastured meats and cheese mongers partnering hand-in-hand with premium local dairies, Chef Ouzts presents a decisive menu utilizing the preeminent ingredients he’s become known for at The Spotted Trotter. Think fire-grilled, smoked, roasted, sous vide, barded, and larded dishes, cooked in an open kitchen that will celebrate new American cooking techniques while still paying homage to the thousands-year-old traditions of charcuturie and meat cookery. Indeed, together with its guests, The Cockentrice hopes to put New American Charcuterie on the map in the Southeast and beyond.